It’s free, and you can customize the content you view, as well as being able to subscribe to threads and topics, getting new posts delivered to your email as they appear. I do testing for various people and need to be able to access all 3 platforms. This section shows you how to connect to a original or an enhanced PLC-5 programmable controller. Setting a Base Memory Address Jumper. If you are not using Microsoft Windows 95 or later, you may have to set this jumper.

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This could cause an explosion in hazardous location installations.

Help needed with comm setup. However, if your product is not functioning and needs to be returned: If you’re not already a member, consider joining. This section shows you how to connect to a original or w enhanced PLC-5 programmable controller. For DH, we use: Fortune A fail-safe circuit will destroy others.

Your PKTx network interface card cat. You must be a Control. When not in use, store the equipment in appropriate static-safe packaging.

The configurations are stored in the PCI configuration registers. To exclude 17784 word, precede it with a “-“, as follows: In no event will Rockwell Automation, Inc.


PKTX – In Stock | Allen Bradley PLC PLC 5

Identifies information about practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury or death, property damage, or economic loss. If the PKTx is the last physical node on your network, you must set the switch on pmtx CP12 or 13 to terminate the link as shown below. Select the categories for which you would like to see messages displayed If you disconnect the ac power from the computer, you lose the chassis ground. Follow decision table below: Because of this, PKTx cards do not require the use of switches or jumpers to configure their specific interrupt request levels IRQ and base memory address values.

Make sure your software and hardware supports the baud rate your select.

Text that you type is shown as: Touch a grounded object to discharge potential static. Pkfx can also contact a special Customer Support number for initial help in getting your module up and running: You have clicked on the “? Do not disconnect connections to this equipment unless power has been removed or the area is known to be nonhazardous.

For the newer Windows operating systems, this restriction is no longer required, and the base memory address should be located anywhere in the PC memory space.


Electrostatic damage ESD protection is lost.

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Visit our Post Archive. See NEMA Standards publication and IEC publicationas applicable, for explanations of the degrees of protection provided by different types of enclosure. Do not disconnect equipment unless power has been removed or the area is known to be nonhazardous.

Planning Jumper Settings for Multiple Cards.

Part # 14776

By Bruce on 16 August, – Secure any external connections that mate to this equipment by using screws, sliding latches, threaded connectors, or other means provided with this product.

If this product contains batteries, they must only be changed in an area known to be nonhazardous. For an additional level of technical phone support for installation, configuration and troubleshooting, we offer P,tx Support programs.

The dual-port ppktx 4 Kbytes of memory. These jumpers are identified as JP3.