In case several single or double-output adapters are used and each terminal needs more than one monitor for instance, a terminal needs a video projector , the number of video cards including the master video card depends on the number of hardware devices connected to video cards 1 video output per 1 monitor. You will be prompted to restart the PC immediately press Activate and Restart or later press Activate. Make sure all the monitors are connected to the PC. After all video cards have been correctly installed and operate normally the number of monitors in the Display dialog box corresponds or exceeds the real number of monitors , it is recommended to select proper Display settings resolution and color depth. If your PC does not operate correctly after Aster system installation , disable Aster and restart your PC as described in 3. Make sure the video card has a connector of the DVI-I type, and the connector has the required number of contact holes see the pictures in the table.

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Moreover, a double-terminal PC uses one set of software tools and saves maintenance expenses. However, this setting does not hinder sound effects of the programs games, media players that use the sound devices directly, even if these devices are allocated to the other terminal.

Ligt het aan mij, of klopt er iets grondig niet aan die drivers? Thus, client-programs can start at the terminals and connect to the remote server independently.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for IntelĀ® 82830M Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)

It is possible that the video driver does not allow using a multi-monitor video card. Some applications that use or create data files with exclusive access can operate incorrectly and errors can occur, if you lnterface run them at both terminals. The box contains the list of users registered in the system and allows to set default user name and password for each terminal. Video card and monitor connections, possible problems and recommendations are shown in the table below. Originally Posted by PennKen well for my monitor when i checked the driver it said that there isnt nor is there required a driver for it.


Do the same at the second terminal or log in as the second-terminal user and select the sound playing, recording or MIDI devices for 82380m other terminal. Install a fresh copy of the drivers from the disk or downloaded from manufacturer site and save to your computer then when windows asks where to look for the driver point it to the location where you saved the file.

This user hot contains description of key capabilities of Aster software Personal Release further double-terminal system. Obviously, you would want to disable the erroneous settings. If you cannot find your video card on contrloler list, contact the technical support centre.

If the only system network adapter is used for connection to the Internet over a dedicated line broadband cable or Internet connection over a modem is used remote access to network it is necessary to use a virtual network adapter to add new IP addresses.

Press Continue to contfoller activation. The list shows the results of tests carried out before Use the manual if video card installation involves cables and adapters.

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First off, I have a laptop dell ins. If you have enough experience, you can visually check if the contacts of the analog group in the corners of the “cross” are connected to the circuit elements of the video card.

The adapters that were not tested or do not meet the Aster system compatibility requirements have been excluded from the list. In these cases video card is identified as having a single output. I vontroller the log saved, and will post it here: To proceed the installation you must accept all the terms of a license agreement.


Personal settings give users different access rights to the system, network names and log-in passwords. If it is a standard windows driver, system file checker may correct it. Ward5x529 jan If failures are not eliminated, contact the IBIK technical support service and provide the following information in details:.

Windows loading, running Aster, starting and operation of certain applications, using some Windows or applications functions, interfacce or enabling of certain devices, just after some time passed even the system is idleetc; measures taken to eliminate errors and failures and results ; list hosst graphics cards installed at the PC including the onboard adapter, if it is available ; list of installed applications ; list of attached devices printers, scanners, etc ; Type of Internet connection if available.

It is possible to individually set the parameters for each user account. Client-applications will send data from the assigned IP 82830, server-applications will receive data at the assigned IP address. Wil je zelf een vraag stellen of deelnemen aan discussies, dan moet je je registreren 8283m0 inloggen met je Google of Facebook account.

Make sure the monitor does not distort the image. Is gericht tegen de andere leden van het forum die kunnen helpen: It is possible to swap allocation of the keyboards and mice between two terminals by setting the check in the relevant cell.

Exit and save changes. IP addresses are assigned to the newly started applications but not to the continuously running ones if they were running at the moment of q5.