Upgrading your control system can be done during scheduled downtime, saving time and money. The has a straight forward user interface that does not require a PLC programmer or other support hardware to operate. Both, Master and Slave functions are supported by the driver. Endian’s intuitive web interface makes it easy to deploy and manage. Step motors run smoother than ever with features such as anti-resonance, torque ripple smoothing, and microstep emulation.

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Magelis XBT F graphic terminals are specially designed for graphic operator dialogue functions. The difference in transit 322k of the downstream-directed pulses and the upstream-directed pulses is directly proportional to the measured fluid velocity.

This netX Chip-Carrier is a solution that offers reasonable costs per unit and reduced risk and fast time-to-market.

PC cards are the fastest and easiest way to equip automation devices with a fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet interface. Transmission of the mid-range frequency carrier wave powers tags that are 32m to the passive objects to be identified.

Low power devices designed to detect and continuously monitor a wide range of toxic gases. The standard device includes two analog inputs, two digital outputs, and two state inputs configurable as either digital inputs or pulse accumulator inputs.

Brad Harrison/Woodhead Sales | Brad® SSTâ„¢ – Applicom Ethernet Cards, Molex

Smart energy manager that helps a business achieve its operating and energy-efficiency goals. Arcom HtNode Network Gateway: Multiloop Controller Controller: It is equipped with multiple relays, which all have user-definable actions, mA outputs, and Modbus protocol communication capabilities. Remote terminal unit Advantage Engineering, Inc.


Plug-and-play Ethernet switches that are simple to install. The network interface is optically isolated and equipped with a two-pin pluggable screw connector. The status of any alarm condition can be read from the annunciator by the Modbus master controller. How to upgrade to a FREE standards-compliant browser.

The FLO is an accurate and reliable single tube orifice gas flow computer with the capability to measure and monitor gas flow in compliance with AGA and API standards. The Quantum family of Programmable Logic Controllers are optimized for process control and high availability needs.

PC Interface Cards for Ethernet Networks

Base package comprised of software and hardware key. The Series programmable automation controllers use advanced technology, including a highly integrated plug-in CPU, to attain performance that exceeds the response metrics of much more costly systems. Once installed, groov Server runs as a service on your computer. Power supply is fully isolated with operation from 10V to 48V.

Self-contained optical dissolved oxygen sensor Hardy Instruments, Inc. LD is designed for integration into existing monitoring systems. The binary output is controlled either on a remote basis, or as thermostat, hygrostat or CO2 controller.


Molex / Woodhead / Applicom PCI1500S7 / PCI1500PFB PCI Profibus Cards

Visual Basic industrial control development toolkit to link your application to the factory floor PLC. Drivers for other protocols e.

The protocol is user-selectable. They are available in 2 versions: Optional extension modules add digital appliclm, relay, triac or analogue outputs for single room controller operation. Its numerous integrated options enable it to be adapted to and incorporated into electrical installations and ;ci control systems. The 32 x 32 mm compact netX carrier is soldered to the baseboard – by hand or SMD production process.

The biard water supply pressure is 55 psi to operate up to ? The electronics identify excessive current or phase loss and react to the condition with greater speed, reliability and repeatability than a traditional electromechanical device. This V AC powered 4. An integrated web server provides HTML pages with embedded Java applets, allowing the encoders to be configured, read out and tested via company networks or Internet.

The module is a stand-alone DIN rail-mounted protocol gateway that provides up to four serial ports.