Abstract High resolution aeromagnetic data that covers Igbeti-Moro area, within southwestern Nigeria, has been subjected to data enhancement processes and interpreted to establish significant geologic features associated with occurrence of marble, gabbro and muscovite mineralization in the area. This technique was chosen because it has been proven to be a powerful and efficient tool in interpreting potential field data. Hence, the study areas are mineralized and have several structures that retain important radioactive minerals with no hazardous risk. Power spectrum and analytical signal filtering techniques were used for the ground magnetic interpretation. This technology in its own uniqueness considers the use of light Light Emitting Diode, LED to be specific as its medium of delivering high speed communication that complies with standard IEEE

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GC-MS analysis of the partitioned petroleum ether and chloroform fractions of the oil revealed the presence of 9-Octadecenoic acid, 9,Octadecadienoic acid and their methyl esters,cisHexadecenal among the many components of the oil extract.

The results by the radiometric method revealed the activity concentrations of U, Th and K to vary from Abstract The slow escape of a liquid or gas through a porous material or small openings is called seepage. This study focused on planning materials supply for construction works.

The research demonstrated that pressure changes at relatively constant volume can be used to monitor gas production.

Optical measurements were carried out using Uv-vis spectrophotometer and photoluminescence PL.

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Natural dyes extracted xpti fruit peels of Carica papayaCitrus lanatusPersea americana and Solanum melongena were used as sensitizers to fabricate Ee870 dye-sensitized solar cells DSSCs. Geoelectrical apto surveys have been carried out using Schlumberger configuration within the Iyana Iyesi area of Ota, Ogun state. Abstract The study explored the production of biogas from a composite of Lemon grass and Poultry droppings by studying the total gas pressure exerted on a sealed near-cylindrical plastic container used as a digester.


The DHT22 was initialized aptk 5 V. However, since the electrical energy generated mainly through the hydro power generating stations along with the other power plants including the conventional coal and gas currently in existence in the country is not meeting the energy demand of Nigerians, it is therefore necessary to introduce additional sources of alternative energy in order to be able to augment these existing energy sources, and wood waste is the proposed alternative source of fuel energy used in this study.

Crystalline phase of the nanoparticles was determined using X-ray diffraction XRD.

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Abstract Most of the rural agricultural and extension officers have no access to the daily variations in meteorological data that affect the growth and yield of crops. Out of five species, Terminate catappa was identified as the most sensitive. C programming language was used and the libraries of each component were installed in the Arduino IDE. The numerical representations are collected climatological and radiometric data, derived from well-designed experiments in which cloud parameters measurements are carried out using radiances change measured by satellites and visual observations from the surface station s on land and ships in the ocean.

The radiological variables estimated in this study were all within world average recommended limit.

The measurements of the radio signal strength spti EBS Television, transmitting at Abstract This research presents the synthesis of alumina-supported chicken eggshell for the transesterification of waste cooking oil. However, the model should be tested further using higher frequency band such as Ka and V bands to confirm the accuracy of the model. Solomon Oranusiand nine 9 parallel sessions. Hence, research exploits are geared towards perovskites without lead.

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The device that is programmed with Arduino UNO is capable of measuring the temperature, relative humidity and moisture content of the soil. Abstract We have used artificial neural network ANN for the prediction of transmissivity T from geoelectric parameter in an aquifer of a typical basement complex, Southwestern, Nigeria. Abstract A world with constant and unhindered supply of power from thermal sources is a feasible possibility.


Abstract Bio-chemical and physiological parameters of plants have been employed in the screening of suitable bio – monitors via the estimation of air pollution tolerance index APTI and anticipated performance index API.

Abstract Ee870 and reliable soil information with respect to their nature extent and spatial distribution is very essential for the optimal utilization of available natural resources in sustained bases. The mean dose rate recorded was The study area is composed of migmatite-gneiss, charnockite and granite gneiss. For the two zpti, traverses 1 to 3 were taken in North-South azimuth which covered distance m while traverses 4 to 7 were acquired along East-West azimuth which covered distance m.

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These results obtained from this study should be taken into account by the management of radio communication systems for enhancement and planning purposes. Finally, it was observed that region of high resistivity was prone to higher level of radiation, which could be as a result of some radioactive geological features in the subsurface. This device is efficient in taking the short-term essential parameters that could improve the yield of agricultural products in the rural environments if properly utilized.

The efficient implementation of thermal renewable energy sources is still being faced by a few challenges such as storage and efficiency. O Appti, A Appti, C.