How to monitor what websites are visited. My laptop Toshiba Portege MR. You can run either of these commands: It works for about 30 seconds, on a wep network, but the card will quickly drop out then back on giving a “network is down” message. Now running BT5R2 32bit. So I went about testing out the tools in Back Track, until I came across airmon-ng Here is what the log looks like

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Using monitor preferences it says ‘monitor unknown’ and I can only chose x Setting up git 1: Some of the Kernels listed on Backtrack that they say are compatible with the ath9k drivers are not.

Copy and paste each of these items into a text editor or write them down. I would then like to be able to stop all traffic going across for example the target would not be able to access google etc.

I’m having a few issues with booting to BT5R2 with this machine. Also reaver will have problems if there is not a good signal and will go into a loop. The only changes I made were to the sdb. Without long mode support, the virtual machine will not be able to run 64 bit code.

Greetings, sorry for my English but is too long that I don’t use it properly. So then I continued past that and booted the system in VB.


I’ve tried twice and got the same results. I was furiously researching for three days until I found the solution. Am I missing awus306h here? Next, remove any existing Flash installations or files: Also will Grub work doing it this way? Done testdisk is already the newest version. That being said, here is a guide on the process needed to get WICD and network-manager working in harmony.

BlackHat WiFi Tricks – video dailymotion

I’ve been searching for a few days now, for each of these wwus036h and I love the threads I’ve found: Anyway here is way I solved the problem. For example i have java web based application as a target.

I’m trying to figure out what services are utilizing these ports. Hi swus036h, how can i find a loopholes in web application.

It shouldn’t exists and thus, it shouldn’t look for it. I created a page with a parameter that is injectable i.

ALFA AWUS036H Wireless Adapter Configuration on Backtrack 5

HelloI’m trying to get working BT5 r2 on my Macbook pro 15′ Lion late but it have been a lot of pain First i try doing a virtual machine and its ok but don’t make the wireless cards workingi read a lot in forums and don’t get it workingit seems that the default wireless card of the macbook pro doesn’t work in a virtual machine then i bought a usb wireless card Encore n with chipset RTLcu but i wasn’t able to make it workinginstall the last drivers from http: My other thought is that maybe I need to install VMware tools, but I’m not sure how backtraci the how-to instructions on the Backtrack main website don’t work for BT5.


Any help is appreciated, and I apologize ahead of time for my newbness. I’ve gone further, and used the order by to see how many columns the select returns yes, I know it’s two, bcktrack I’m pretending I don’t.

I’m i missing out something or is it really the case? I press enter, then it leads me to the screen that chooses what mode you want to go into.

Backtrack 5 r2 and Awus036h not working?

VMware player is the best bet because it is free and will run Backtrack. I’m loading BT4FR on a usb drive now to test. Every time I type apt-get i got this message By the way, I tested usb alfa awush on all distributions. I searched google but I didint find a solution, does somebody have the same problem?