The removable drive design allows the system to be retrofit easily and users are no longer limited to choosing between capacity and performance 4K Ready Thunderbolt 2 is able to integrate modern 4K video workflows through a single cable. Reviews 0 Write a review aryvbqqbtrdtrxafzwecaqtsstfa. Unlike most RAID solutions that use full size 3. The power adapter comes in at With much of their lineup now moved over to Thunderbolt 3, it was only fitting that their flagship four-bay RAID enclosure T4 made the move over as well. Work Store Charge With the implementation of Thunderbolt 3 there are higher expectations than ever before on RAID storage devices to offer more than just data back-up. This includes the fan at the back of the unit, the front intake vent, and the aluminum design that helps with heat dissipation.

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g4 Microsoft Windows 10 buy from Amazon. This versatility opens up many possibilities for the user to tailor their storage to their needs, instead of the other way around.

CalDigit T4 8TB Thunderbolt 2 RAID Array (4 x 2TB) B&H

It is a high quality cable that will provide data, video, and power in one compact reversible cable. The beautiful design takes up less desk space than typical RAID storage solutions.

Intel Core i3 K buy from Amazon. While the storage in this RAID is comprised of 3.

Down below we have the power button and activity LEDs. All of these new features are a powerful new addition to the core functionality of the T4 which provides incredible performance and RAID 5 protection for your valuable files. Its die-cast aluminum chassis offers a level of durability unmatched by inferior metals.


On the backside, we have two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a single DP. Back-up your data in the field with confidence on the Tuff and transfer those files on to the T4 by connecting it to the spare Thunderbolt 3 port.

All of the components and hard drives have been carefully selected by us to provide a product with the optimal level of performance and reliability. It is very quiet and an ideal device to use in environments that require less noise. The four bay design offers stunning performance in a compact package. High Quality Design Above all else for CalDigit, it is of paramount importance that every product is built to the highest of standards, and the T4 is no exception.

You can find the product discussed for sale below.

Size Speed Airflow Noise Level. Professionals require equipment built to withstand the rigors of their work environment.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. The design also takes up less desk space than typical RAID storage solutions. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

CalDigit T4 RAID Thunderbolt 3 Review

Included with the T4, we have a Thunderbolt 3 cable, power adapter and reading materials. Yes, the T4 features multiple ways of keeping the HDDs inside the unit at a cool operating temperature. If you attempt to set the T4 to RAID 5 with less than 4 drives it will erase the data from all 4 drives.


Thunderbolt 2 The CalDigit T4 features Thunderbolt 2 technology for use with the Mac and PC Thunderbolt 2 equipped computers and is also backwards compatible with computers equipped with the original Thunderbolt interface.

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The flexible 4-bay design allows users to have two RAIDs in one unit. Americas United States English: With much of their lineup now moved over to Thunderbolt 3, it was only fitting that their flagship four-bay RAID enclosure T4 made the move over as well. Also, replacing the hard drives will also void the factory warranty. CalDigit has changed cldigit the capacity lineup, so you do get a bit more storage per dollar in comparison to the last generation platform.

Reviews 0 Write a review aryvbqqbtrdtrxafzwecaqtsstfa. If even quieter storage is required, users can use the SSD version of the T4. Looking over the enclosure, we have all fours bays with locks on the right. Build quality hasn’t changed at all, with this faldigit unit taking full advantage caldifit the same enclosure. The new T4 RAID shares much of that design including the chassis, drive tray arrangement and cooling.