Approximately 50, notes total Up to approximately 10, notes per song Recording Media: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. You can download songs to a computer and then transfer up to 10 of them to digital piano memory and expand the number of songs available. Expression, reaction velocity adjustable, very well. Duet function Ideal for lessons:

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Not satisfied with those reviews? Overview For people who want more The PX impresses straight down the line – and on the stage: The innovative SD memory medium offers a simple but limitless way to expand the internal song memory of the PX PX, Digital Piano from Casio.

Did you find this review helpful? Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. This “half-damper” effect simulates a “half-pedalled” damper pedal.

The PX impresses straight down the line – and on the stage: A score book is included. Compared to the other it sounds in addition, a very good touch, MIDI file player.

PX-320 Manual

SD card slot The innovative SD memory medium offers a simple but limitless way to expand the internal song memory of the PX The excellent AiF Sound source produces top-quality tones, which truly come into their own in both classic piano repertoire and many other genres.

There is a slight crackle in the samples It is sorely lacking low except when the headphones, so good I like the first piano, in fact I am using almost the one there. The price of the Casio PX is pretty reasonable, but isn’t incredibly cheap like most Casio keyboards, so don’t expect a complete steal with this keyboard. Keep to the beat: Lesson function Right or left hand part off You can turn off the left hand part or right part during playback of a Music Library tune, and play along with the remaining part.


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Live before an audience or at home in the living room: The 3-pedal unit also supports half-pedal operation, for a light damper effect when the damper pedal is pressed part way. The sounds are a little worse lack of bass The value for money is very good for me Yes I do it again this choice. Pretty much everything on the PX can be figured out in a sitting or two and for this reason a manual really isn’t necessary.

A Tri-element system uses three different waveforms of each note, which makes it possible to produce realistic sounds in response to different key pressures.

It has a few different built in effects including reverb and chorus. The scaled hammer mechanics with 88 touch-dynamic weighted keys are based on the concert piano keyboard and make for an authentic playing feel. Even though this is one of the better sounding and more expensive models that Casio has out right now, their products are still aimed at a prviia of people who are not professionals and therefore the keyboards are all pretty easy to use, including the PX For people who want more Pricia PX impresses straight down the line – and on the stage: It also provides plenty of playability for four-hand duets as well.


Guarantee an absolutely first-class piano sound. An acoustic resonance system reproduces the resonant effect of a grand piano damper pedal for more realistic piano performances. The Casio PX is an 88 key digital piano that has a wide array of different tones, songs, and rhythms in its capabilities. Up to 10 3.

It is easy to switch between different tones, as well as it is to apply different effects to your chosen patch. The simulation of the resonating strings that is provided by the “Acoustic Resonance” CASIO effect privis the sound experience off perfectly. Then there is always the possibility to get into programming paramtres which need to put a little nose in the manual. The wide range of sounds offer an amazing sound diversity. I love the feel, sound, SD card that can store and play back MIDI files rhythmic drumsthe built-in speakers and light to take him everywhere, the USB port, the output jack the sound is better on a sound system.

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