The key to press should show on the posting or logo screen when you first turn on the computer. Citizen gx need help. Best to use a IEEE rated cable. If you can print a test page then your problem is probably NOT with the port settings. Bios setup is before windows starts booting. Since most printers now are USB, default seems to be having the parallel port disabled, if it’s even there at all.

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Citizen GX Printing Ribbons

With dot matrix printers, often they needed their own prijt to cover any special features they had. I need help fast! You shouldn’t remove or connect the parallel cable while the computer is under power. When this happens, I leave the device connected until I have powered off ‘just in case’. One other thing I just thought of. Best to use a IEEE rated cable.

Sometimes this does not work. Try going to the FILE option in the top left of your screen and select print there. These very old dot matrix printers do indeed make noise. Net Forums General Hardware Printers.

The test page is from the printer it self not the computer, when i try to print something from the computer I left click on it from the desktop or but using the tab in the top left side and I get nothing the cables are the ones that came with the printer I actually have two printers citizen gx and a epson LQ both will do test prints from the printer it self but nothing will print from the computer.


If you lived close to Philadelphia I’d by you a case of beer.

Citizen 200gx Dot Matrix Black Ribbon Ink Cartridge Ah37945-0

After making any necessary changes there, save and exit setup and boot into windows. I have no idea how to check the bios setting can some one tell me how to do that on windows xp? I’m glad that fixed it. Are you trying to print single xitizen size paper, or tractor feed? If you can’t print a test page then either the printer is broken or not installed correctly.

I assume you mean “noise”? Do you know for sure that it works?

Thousands of users waiting to help! You should check the printer manual asto how to find out if this is the case. Check device manager and see if any problems show there.

Are you using a printer icon or keyboard command to print something? Perhaps the printer is broken. Bios setup is before windows starts booting.


First make sure the parallel port is enabled. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: When enabled you should have the option to change its address, IRQ and mode. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements cktizen on this site. The information on Computing. Use Question Form such as ” Why?

I am assuming you are issuing the print test page from you computer and not from an option on the printer. Are you sure the ciyizen is OK? Oh, I’m on the other side of the country, in Albuquerque. Yes No I don’t have a dog. I just picked up an old citizen gx printer I used the parallel cable to hook it up installed the drivers and I still can’t get anything to print when I unplug the cable from the computer the printer makes a nose and when I plug it back in it makes a nose but I cant get anything to print.

Your the best thanks again.