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I have installed ubuntu Jaunty works, Karmic fails. I am russian, so sorry for my english. Here is a link to the patch, which I will also include as an attachment:. I tried to build patched uvcvideo from kernel source, but there is some problem with this new module insmod fails. For my 64bit I have an Asus N61JQ.

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Are you sure, that it’s kernel bug? Not many folks can do a kinux conference while doing a hand stand. First you need to make you have the libv4l-0 package installed. I would have thought upside down video as being horizontally flipped. Can you please solve this bug.

Asus Chicony CNF Camera Driver V Driver – TechSpot

I’ll try to push published patch as quirk into uvcvideo driver. Written by Tamer Shlash. Email me about changes to this bug report.

Please stop mucking around with kernel patches, they are not the solution to this problem! It is years old already and has at least one problem, which was already fixed in upstream: Web cam is upside down Several webcameras are stuffed cmf7129 uvc–USB video camera driver.


The code includes support for older kernel versions, but might libux behind the uvcvideo git repository by a few days. Believe me, I’ve tried The same symptoms are present even in 2.

Well, I have Ubuntu For linuux for skype: Or, try to get a hold of this guy from a thread and see if he can offer suggestions. I’ve submitted this new information to Hans de Goede video4linux as well, and he recommended expanding the discussion cfn7129 include Laurent Pinchart, which I have done. Users with more complicated configurations 64 bit systems with 32 bit libraries for Skype or other software may need to download both versions of video for linux in order to experience consistent performance.

The output of above command is: So when it comes to upside down mounted webcams in laptops there are 3 important points to keep in mind:. You can either compile it yourself or use the Debian package: It works fine for me.


Fixing Inverted Skype Video in Linux

Solving Skype Webcam Problem on Ubuntu Duplicates of this bug Bug If you’re upgrading from a pre Not really a helpful fix. For my 64bit Please delete those parts and only keep the things that help other users to resolve the same problem.

The oinux problem is not resolved — extremely dark webcam images using the skype. Best solution I see for the moment is: How do I fix this?

My case just installed that lib with sudo apt-get install cnr7129 I also checked out and tried all these links which you gave me but it seems that neither of them work: If you are handy, you can take your screen apart and physically turn the camera right side up. Kapil Soni kapilsoni wrote on Installing the current skype.