The seller said the delay was due to the typhoon in guangzhou. Since then I always do research before buying. Any help would be appreciated. Im looking at this site http: I though it was an American site. At time of writing, we only had a genuine left-handed X fairway 5 wood in stock to demonstrate the difference so the eagle-eyed will have already deduced that the counterfeit is on the left. AND — they even overpainted the shaft.

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Can anyone comfirm this? Titleist serial numbers in the past were mostly etched into the metal itself. When you look at the refunds page, it lists mysurbuy. I called Callaway corporate office and the guy said he could not locate their account based on their address. Has anybody purchased golf clubs from igolftimes. My friend brought it a year ago and that set look good quality.

PING G10 CLONES!!! Watch out!

I actually took it and hit a bucket of balls. With its strategic carrier agreements, RockBottomGolf. Joined Oct 3, Messages 5, Location Yorkshire. Now I assume you are equipped to research I did mine pinv, and a little digging you would have found this newspaper article i. We cancelled the order and the credit card pinh used. Save your counterfekt n spend the extra 70bucks. My friend bring this club to the Golfsmith for trade in.


Forums New posts Search forums. Note the serial number and distinguishing features of the club. Nate — did the serial number check out? The store web address is http: He deserve to be reported to authorities! I made the mistake of purchasing a set of Callaway X irons from golfstoreshop.

If it works for you buy it. Paul I have been dealing with Rockbottomgolf for years.

I have see so many times and I never order anything from the internet, because they were making some money from you while you play poor golf game! The serial number matches some older order numbers of ours from Pricing too good to be true?

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

Fake driver, woods, G10 irons all in a chicken leather bogus Ping bag. I read all on this post as I knew everyone can lead to scam if they order cheap price from strange name ccounterfeit. There is just too much to gain…the market for this has just gotten too big.


cuonterfeit I believe this site might be legit. That annoyed us very much because we had gone to great trouble to supply you with the very latest golf clubs.

I have a personal experience with gray countrefeit items with a nice watch I bought. Hi everyone, i would like to get a set of iron Callaway, and I found a website that seems to be honest, but we never know, I would like to get your advice on that. This was after golfwholesaleshop had assured me they were genuine. Two strikes looking for a third. The design of the grip may not match. Another point to keep in mind….

Guys — unfortunately we did not investigate enough before buying R9 clubs from the site http: To avoid suspicion, sellers of counterfeit golf clubs tend to charge the same prices you would expect to pay for the genuine article.