Do not operate the printer near water. This command cancels the previous horizontal tab setting. Use the scroll bar next to the bookmarks More information. When the LSB of n is 0, upside-down printing mode is turned off. Start display at page:.

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Type of connector Receptacle series B.

Custom Engineering TG2460 series Manuals

These limits are designed More information. Use the scroll bar next to the bookmarks to More information.

When the panel keys are disabled, the keys can only operate when reset. This command resets the left and right margin at the default value.

Custom Engineering TG2460 Free Driver Download (Official)

The macro definitions are not cleared. You have chosen to save the following item to a parts list:. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

Infinity offers great rates, excellent customer support and a wide range of payment processing solutions. Adds spaces to the right If n or m is out of the defined range, the previously set print mode is not changed. Changing the horizontal or vertical motion unit does not affect the current left margin. However, the setting of the last received command is effective.


Enabled D or Disabled.

Using this online operator s guide. The commands can be transmitted to the printer fg2460 any moment, but they will only be carried out when the commands previously sent have been executed. Set a corresponding bit at 1 to print dot or at 0 not to print dot.

Table of Contents Table of Contents To print logo1 from flash bank dotline 1 to dotlinesend: The data bytes are arranged vertically starting from the left margin, but only the first seven LSBs are significant.

When script mode is turned off by setting the value n at 0 or 48, the data that follows is printed in normal mode. How to read this guide How to read this guide The following shows the symbols used in this Quick start guide with descriptions and examples.

RS serial interface and metal front panel without autocutter model. The data in the reception buffer is not cleared.

TG H CUTTER – Kiosk Printers – Self-service / Industrial – Custom Spa

Do not operate the printer near water. Lift the wicket relative to paper roll compartment, and check that there are no scraps of paper at the area indicated with a letter near the printing head. When the LSB of n is 0, upside-down printing mode is turned off.


There are no commands with priority status; all cutom commands are carried out when the circular buffer is feed to do so. After printing the bar code, this command sets the print position at the beginning of the line. If counting down reaches a value less than the minimum, it is resumed with the maximum value. Contains a description of printer controls Chapter 3: The size of the graphic dot and the number of dots per line vary depending on the number of columns.

Printers : TG H

If the value of m is outside the specified range, nl and the data following are processed as normal data. Custo, command GS P can change the vertical and horizontal motion unit. The green Status LED displays a printer hardware error status and the winnings.

The Port Setup Window. Contains the character sets fonts used by the printer Appendix: