Corporate Headquarters Camarillo Springs Rd. The printer looses its settings when powered off. Check your printer properties if you are in Windows and make sure of the margin settings both there and in your applications. I need to double-check the static head gap for the DS Printer. The settings should remain in memory even if you turn the printer off.

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I am getting a paper out error even when paper is loaded. Which driver should I use for the Documax printer? To replace the ribbon, open the top of the printer, move the dial on the outside right side of the printer to the front of the printer max printhead gap and remove the ribbon.

If you move the printhead to the center of the printer and turn on the power, it should attempt to home the carriage.

AMT Datasouth Documax A3300 – printer – monochrome – dot-matrix Series

You will need to call for service. Clean the rails with Denatured Alcohol Only. These drivers all can be found on the Windows Installation disks. AMT Datasouth manufactures and delivers impact and thermal printers and printer supplies.


You cannot do a default reset in the fashion as you would an XL Series printer. Turn the power off to the printer, and move the printhead to the right.

Your software may be over-riding the printer settings. If the doublestrike continues please make sure the data coming from the host is not using a bold type font. What is the right setup for the Documax A if I am running Windows 98? The sensor is on the left side of the printer, check it for dirt or for paper blocking it. Best headphone deals for Christmas: This will upgrade your ram to k. Check your printer properties if you are in Windows and make sure of the margin settings both there and in your applications.

This may be caused by a dirty or defective paper out sensor. I am trying to locate drivers for a Documax C printer. Enter Email Confirm Email.

I have got a documaxx A printer with a standard 3k memory. Set the printer in Menu 3 to: I am getting a carriage jam error message on power up.

AMT Datasouth Documax A3300 Dot-Matrix Printer

The buffer size may be increased by entering the Printer Setup and advancing to Menu 4 — Printer Control. I cleaned the carriage rails with alcohol and lint free cloth and it seems much better.


Please remove the ribbon cartridge and try to power up the printer. This will print the current profile only. Max Sheets in Multi-Part Form. Personal printer – dot-matrix – 9 pin – monochrome. A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car.

If you docukax asking about the mylar shield on the plastic ribbon guide which fits over the printhead, it must stay on the ribbon guide. Check the logic board connection.

AMT Datasouth Documax A Dot-Matrix Printer – OmniData Services Group, LLC

This causes the carriage plate to stall more, until eventually the carriage plate must be changed. These three features need to be set correctly to make this work. Looking for a tech dkcumax real soon?