However, in order for the MCA spectra update in the MCA mapping mode this record must be set to periodically process e. One instance of this database is loaded for each detector channel in the system. Processing this record causes the status information Acquiring, ElapsedReal, etc. Found an issue with this document? Flag controlling how the number of pixels per buffer is determined. In that case, why do you need an evaluation license?

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When the driver signak it queries the names of all of the low-level parameters, and makes these names available in stringin records. The tests were done with the following conditions:. Other records are implemented in a State Notation Language program which monitors the system-wide records like PresetMode, and copies them to the individual detector records. Triggers are x-rays that were processed by the trigger sifnal, and includes pileups and other events that are not actually present in the spectrum.

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Signals with no Driver | Online Documentation for Altium Products

The default prefixes are dxpSaturn: Protel DXP error messages 5. If this value is -1 then there is no preset number of pixels, and acquisition will continue forever until it is stopped manually with StopAll. They control the high-level DXP parameters such as peaking time, etc.

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DXP – EPICS software for XIA Digital Signal Processing Systems

It computes and plots the histogram spectrum of all of the events. Menu values are powers of 2 from 8 to DAC input digital signals, how to generate? If you are not an active Altium Subscription member, please fill out the form below to get your free trial. This record sets the TraceMode for each channel. The array is read from the hardware when this record is processed.

This value is the maximum of the elapsed real time of all system channels. A notification is also displayed in the Messages panel in the following format:. The time per sample in microseconds for the TraceData array. Dec 248: The following records are defined in the database dxpSaturn. Any help should be appreciated. This record enables waiting ni a client when acquisition completes.


Signals with no Driver

In that case, why do you need an evaluation license? This array is used to provide a calibrated X-axis when plotting the BaselineHistogram.

Flag controlling the polarity of the Gate input signal. Part and Inventory Search. This document does not attempt to explain the mapping mode features of the xMAP or Mercury that these records control.

This should generally be set to 0 except for soft x-ray spectroscopy. Only the top-level screen is different from the Saturn, all of the other screens are the same.

The following records are defined in the database dxpSystem. The energy and pixel number of each event are collected into the double-buffered memory. Amplifier Mo RX-V not turning on You may receive communications from Altium and can change your notification preferences at any time.

Eagle PCB clearance error 2.