Obviouslly there will be some like JEMM games and their ilk but most games should work fine. I checked Device Manager and there’s no Realtek device installed. It may already be installed or is disabled. This is really irritating me. But it’s still not showing on my Device Manager. Maybe something will be in it? But I opened my system to check whether I’m on the right track.

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Anybody does know if there is a DOS driver for this card or is esss card hardware compatible with another one? I downgraded it to XP earlier this yearfor a faster performance.

ESS ES Maestro-2 Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows () – WDM_zip

Yes, it is inside. If the drivers in the link above don’t work, it might be an idea to replace it with a newer sound-card. Could it be the hardware itself?

After a bit of hunting around, I managed to find some hopefully appropriate drivers – Link. Try the official site http: Hi bhebhegirl and welcome to TSF It seems as if your Maestro-2 sound-card was added after manufacture. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the Ezs.


Win Home-Premium 64bit My System. In order to make it skip that driver, i was told that i had to delete a file related to it. Windows 7 x86 SP1. As I’m out of ideas, I’d suggest you change it for a new one which is supplied with an XP driver. I’m not sure if the games still run using some of the DX acceleration features of the card or in software D3D This is really driving me crazy!

Obviouslly there will be some like JEMM games and their ilk but most games should work fine. Thus the reason a sound card was added. The driver package contains some utility called maestro. The sound card installed is indeed the ESS one, not Realtek.

ESS ES1968 Maestro-2 Free Driver Download (Official)

This is really irritating me. I’m just not sure if he took it to a technician or asked one of his employees that’s good in computers to fix it. But I don’t really remember any issues with 9x command prompt. But it’s still not showing on my Device Manager. How can I enable my Maestrp After looking round the pages suggested by Google, it’s apparent to me that your soundcard has very poor driver support support in the real sense anyhow.


Virus Problem, Please Aydio.

All times are GMT Did you find that utility in one of the Win9x packages? I went to the driver’s properties and clicked the Start button mzestro it’s not working. I’ll get back to you guys if the cd helped or not.

So I guess that’s it.

COM relies on Windows drivers. I remember when my system had a problem before can’t remember what it is.

I’ll try the drivers today and post the results I can’t post a mastro to them because my browser shows just the UK sites with UK prices.

At least nothing free and from a known site.