Lastly, and probably the least important, is the very obvious straight translation in the manual, software and on Revoltec’s website. As the first product that Overclock3d have reviewed of Revoltec’s, they have certainly made a good impression. The shell is covered with a carbon fibre effect, but it falls short of looking realistic and is the only aesthetic quibble we have with the mouse. Weights, sensitivity and USB polling You can adjust this with single press; the diodes on the bottom side will stop glowing, and then use the scroll to adjust the resolution. You can remove the weight hatch by twisting it clockwise, allowing you fine adjustment over the weight of the mouse. Today we will be looking at a product from a new comer to the OC3D labs – Revoltec.

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There are some things that need an explaining. The keys are soft, but not too soft and have a nice response; my fingers feel a lot less strained now. The gaming performance was particularly I kinda like it. As you can see on the pictures the keyboard looks like pretty much any other keyboard, but there are some distinct differences.

Revoltec FightMouse PRO

The gaming performance was particularly impressive, showing the mouse truly deserves it’s ‘FightMouse’ naming, providing a joyful and competitive experience in both our test games.

Revoltec FightMouse Pro Introduction. The instructions for how to use the software and above all how to program macros are very god and we will take a closer look at that on the next page.

I went from a Logitech Internet Navigator SE, which had been around for a few years now, but still had a lot to give, so my impression of rrvoltec board is a bit divided.


Looks like fightmoue cyba sniper Quote. The ergonomics is just right for me, both left and right button have good response, could perhaps have been a little bit quicker, while the buttons on the side is a bit too slow in my opinion. The resolution can be set individually up to dpi. Varmilo mot Filco i en strid mellan kompakta tangentbord. You can remove the weight hatch by twisting it clockwise, fightmouze you fine adjustment over the weight of the mouse.

Revoltec FightMouse PRO

Revoltec produce a range of computer hardware, such as cases, cooling, hard drive enclosures and input devices. Revoltec seem to have got the contact pads just right.

Revltec more press and the mouse will be locked to the new resolution and the diodes will be lit again. Weights, sensitivity and USB polling It’s a shame Revoltec didn’t perfect the carbon fibre look a little more, as it would have rounded off the aesthetics very nicely.

By Sabios del PC on Fightomuse 25, 90 Revoltec una vez mas ha demostrado que es capaz de fabricar perifericos de alto nivel, he aqui una muestra de ello con el Fight Mouse Pro.

Up to three different mouse profiles are also available. In the package you will also find an extensive manual. First of all the scroll works so and so in Windows and various programs, you have to activate the compatible mode for it to work with all programs, for example Firefox, but then it works well though. The installation is over in a jiff and and instead of an extra application you get two extra tabs under the Properties for Mouse which you can reach through the Control Panel or the icon in the systray.


The mode button allows the user to switch between mouse profiles, which can be freely customised fevoltec the software. We won’t share your email address with ANYONE, and we will only email you with updates on site news, reviews, and competitions and you can unsubscribe easily at any time. However, this doesn’t mean it is a perfect product and refoltec should buy one – there are a number of small things to consider first.

They are located a bit to the left which moves them closer to the Ctrl and right shift key. The shape is ergonomic and fits quite well my hand. These are in neon blue fighmtouse of the regular dull yellow or green. On the right are the regular diodes that indicate which of the lock functions that are activated Windows, scroll, num and caps-lock. Revoltec products are quality products which are most reliable and with fightmouee life endurance.

Revoltec FightMouse Pro

Revoltec has a most effective quality assurance that ensures this high standard. I earlier used a fUNC which I was very happy with. It felt a bit odd to begin with, but you get used to it quite fast.