And it also uses less RAM that Ubuntu, out of the box. I really like it. What is your market? In addition, AWN is now the default bottom panel. Shrinking to fit on a CD is a work in progress, it is almost there.

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You know, freedom and all that jazz.: I decided to take a little look at the repos.

Review: Installation and first Look: Fuduntu 2012.1

Building on the rock solid Fedora base Fedora is just Redhat’s beta branch With my carefully applied analytics the evidence shows that is not garbage, nor a salad, thus not a salad consisting of garbage. More info including download links here http: RPM hell was enough ait turn me off for life! I agree, if it became practical and desired it might happen, but it is neither.

To those of you at Ubuntu Forum that use Fuduntu, we thank you. That makes me hate it instantly This chronicle is the public blog of mine which contains my opinions, likes, dislikes and snapshots of my life.

And it also uses less RAM that Ubuntu, out of the box.


The largest, and most welcomed change is tai shift from SourceForge as our package host to a new infrastructure. Build a distro for yourself, and then name it whatever you would like. Why have openoffice when there are lighter options?

Maybe it’s part of the fact ait he wants to make a usable OS? If you have issues with ATI support, please consider joining Fuduntu Forum to help test for future releases. It seems very responsive and there’s no delay when moving the windows even on LiveCD.

When Comcast sends us a new router, I will have internet on my computer and be able to download it. Apart from what I just stated, I think it’s a great distro. I really dislike apt sometimes This means that we are now a self-contained, self-hosted distribution. True I like Funora, but Fuduntu works as well. Fudunu team ultimately decided to continue to improve Fuduntu 14 rather than changing bases to Fedora It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and is optimized for netbook and other portable computers, as well as general-purpose desktop machines.

Not surprisingly for a distro that started off as a modified Fedora, fudhntu uses anaconda for installation. Both are heavyweight distros.

Installation and first Look: In addition, AWN will no longer build against the latest glib. fuxuntu


Hyperbola recognized as free by FSF. Would be nice if the drivers were aati in the next Fuduntu release, Ubuntu and its derivatives seem to be the only ones who can get this right!

Review: Installation and first Look: Fuduntu – It’s A Binary World

I can see lots work put in it so fuduntuu. Next Post Next post: There have been totally unrelated web sites that have been forced to change their logo just because it looked a little similar to Ubuntu’s logo.

Java Basics, Part 1 Java is a high-level programming language. In so much Fuduntu has resisted the temptation to modifying their desktop on a whim of a developer who thought it was an good idea at the time and taken the traditional user in to account.

I would expect you would have different results after installing the distribution.