From above the image becomes washed out, and from below it becomes dark. Install ethernet, video, sound and such drivers from the machine’s maker. A few days later I received an order update indicating the order was still placed. Configuration options allow you to balance price, performance, and mobility. I am becoming sold on Gateway. This measures hard drive performance under ideal conditions:

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The tehernet and 8-cell batteries fit flush. However the gageway are not extremely disk intensive which is the area the desktop has the largest advantage. Let me summarize my driver install plan: Under normal and even low lighting conditions, with the backlight on but an all black screen, it looks as though it is turned off. I expected better from this card, especially compared to the X They seem to be quick at responding via all methods online chat, telephone, email.

Drivers & Downloads

One weak point is the screen back. This model is garbage. Also this large battery protrudes out the back of the notebook approximately of an inch.

Photoshop is really a RAM hog and this proves that enough Ram can truly give a tenfold performance increase or better. The fan comes gateawy frequently and it is fairly noisy.

Gateway M460 Review (pics, specs)

However, there is also a 5 GB recovery partition. Most of the drivers I installed then through add new hardw. I canceled via email and got confirmation. However, it seems to be more subtle than most laptops.


First question I guess would be how can I find out my network card My friend has a computer just like mine with a broadcom netxtreme gigabit card in it however I downloaded the drivers for that and nothing happened Another thing would be along the same lines how i could find out what my mass memory storage device is so that i may install the drivers Thanks in advance for the help.

I have created my own Photoshop benchmark which actually emulates tasks real photographers do not odd filters which perform best on a Mac G5 for example Photoshop CS2: A few days later I received an order update indicating the order was still placed.

Little did I know, rthernet cd I had with me was not the cd that came with my gateway but a replacement cd with none of the drivers on it. Unfortunately there is one cost-cutting measure that is evident, to me at least: It is a traditional matte, non-glare type, and among the best notebook screens I have ever seen. Most of the drivers I installed then through add new hardware.

However, the Gateway MXL performs respectably. The only difference other than viewing angle is slightly lower saturation, which I have noticed on all laptops. Hardcore gamers may notice some streaking due to lower pixel response time, but I was unable to detect any in my testing except when moving the mouse curser very quickly over gatewat saturated color, such as the deep blue in the photo.


Gayeway Gateway keyboard is solid with little flex, and the keys have a good feel with a good amount of travel. What this means is there is no light leakage whatsoever and the blacks are very true and dark, something often hard to find with LCDs.

Desktop Pentium 4 2. The available 6 and 8-cell batteries fit flush. It is not a very fair test as the workstation has 4 times the RAM 2 GBa 10, rpm hard drive which is nearly twice the rotational speed, and a faster FSB of MHz verses for the notebook.

Eghernet called, and canceled again.

Gateway m460 drivers

The touchpad works well but is not recessed so it may be brushed by some while typing. You are reporting the following post: The Gateway MXL is very snappy in basic tasks.

It is an efficient processor, and it shows. If you are expecting Microsoft to supply drivers, it will be a very long time till that ever works.