Thank you for your reaction! The patches should be incorporated into GDAL version 2. Normally it should work by using one of the two possibilities: Access to the data Data products Climate variables File formats and samples How to mirror data About the data Data updates Uses and initiatives Publications and references. It is recommended that a recent version of GDAL be used.

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The issue is that the file you gave as an example either is not a good one to run your code on, or it requires some crazy setting. Then, just draw the borders and coas lines and show netfdf map.

GDAL is not able to handle that. If there are more than 3 dimensions, the driver will merge them into bands.

Extract the daily grid to file Thanks nehcdf Micha see the comments: It should be something like: You would need to resample your grid for that or redo the grid from scratch. This is really a great job and a very helpful script! I got the following error message.

Manipulating GOES Data with GDAL

I tried to figure it out in Python, but so far no success. Post as a guest Name. If those 2 methods fail, NetCDF driver will try to read the following metadata directly and set up georeferencing.


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Such a file can be used to: The driver will display the bands in the following order. The data is in sigma levels instead the pressure levels I need, and the variables such as temperature don’t come directly in the file, but need to be calculated.

Snorfalorpagus 3, 1 20 It has been designed in particular, but not exclusively, to be usable in use cases involving the MapServer OGR output. Sign up using Facebook. First, we initialize the projection latlon directly in this casesetting the map limits.

Manipulating GOES-16 Data with GDAL

Each prefix is followed by a sign. However, when QGIS opens the data, the map is shown upside down I noticed that the coordinates are displayed from 0 – lon and – 0 lat. The examples show how the gridded dataset for a single day can be extracted from an annual file and converted to the desired format. Use ncdump to read the scale and offset hetcdf see the metadata ncdump -h This normally does not create a problem in the y-axis order, unless there is no y axis geo-referencing.


Multiple Image Handling Subdatasets Network Command Data Form is a container for several different arrays most used for storing scientific dataset. This can be done using a variety of methods.

NetCDF: Network Common Data Form

But sometimes, I need to calculate stuff that require the original netcvf, since GRIB files are usually reprojected and simplified in vertical levels.

Each band will have metadata tied to it giving a short description of the data it contains.

Is it really what you want? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Your netcdf uses a rotated pole grid. Old versions may produce unexpected results.

NetCDF network Common Data Form – Vector

Anybody who encountered the netdcf problem as me? Skip links and keyboard navigation Skip to content Use tab and cursor keys to move around the page more information. Hi Roger, thanks for your answer.