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I think I can see a motor that goes into. I have one in my hand that HP sent me in error. If it were a design issue then baking the card would not correct the problem. This is the gear that is directly driving the fuser and the double gear above it held in place with a clip. Even though it is our of warranty.

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I have replaced the ones that drive the fuser. For other boards the temp would probably be ‘F, with a duration of no more than 5 minutes. Support board component side up on 4 crumpled aluminum foil balls. And as one of my tech’s figured out the “Really Big Hammer” doesn’t work either.

In the defective formatter board the flash chip is belongs to toshiba. It was freezing, so I tried to flash the firmware.

hp lj p3005 with noise

Asia Pacific p30005 Oceania. When I use a flashlight to look inside while turning the gear I can see a gear move over as it turns and then it snaps back creating the noise. It was brand new and once it finished booting, was solidly up for weeks at a time, so no real problem. That being said, suppose for a moment that the information being sent to the new formatter from the dc controller is corrupted.


HP P3005 Formatter card problems.

As a comment to moe’s post 3p0005, I believe there is a secondary motor that drives the outfeed and the fuser at the higher speed; you can hear it kick in and that’s usually when the grinding starts. I must admit I was a little skeptical about baking a formatter board, but now that I’ve tried it once and it worked, I will be doing it far more often. Brain cramp on my part. Baked formatter at F for 5 min.

HP P Formatter card problems. | FixYourOwnPrinter

It’s been real effective on all the JetDirect cards I’ve baked. I put the board on a cookie sheet with hl with aluminum foil at degress for 6 minutes, worked for me with the P formatter and the Pn formatter. Since it is under a year old I would get HP to repair it under warranty – wpc.

There are good providers and bad providers. H; reasonably small for a mono laser printer, but may be on the large side for a small home office. This is less expensive than a new board from HP and a new board will still fail eventually. I followed your instructions and the works perfectly. Bake for f for 8 minutes.

HP LaserJet P review: HP LaserJet P – CNET

Javascript is disabled in this browser. Google this soldering method. Also had a few boards go bad. Cant believe my eyes!!! When this occurs the dc controller back up chip writes all information including serial number, model number, page counts, network p3005, etc to the formatter.


If you choose one of these, you’ll receive a printout walking you through the process these also can be found in the user guide. HP support still doesn’t admit they know what’s wrong with it, but they’re willing to ship me a refurbished replacement.

I give credit to the folks who just thought outside the box with heating the area or board. LaserPros was decent about 6 or 7 yrs ago and dropped quality shortly after.

Select your desired files and a list of links will be sent by email. When i saw the recommendation i really thought it was a o30005 Have a Pd bad right out of the box, had one last week bad right out of the box, albiet that box sat on a shelf for 14 months. I’ve had 2 now with cracks from the center to the teeth. HP LaserJet P review: HP said the same.