Intel’s ProShare video conferencing system took advantage of this, using hardware acceleration to encode the stream and thus requiring an add-in card , but allowing the stream to be displayed on any personal computer. Write in your native language if more convenient. You can pay by Credit Card without a PayPal account, or directly from an existing PayPal account you may already have. About Us Ligos Corporation Video Processing Systems for the Next Generation of Television Ligos Corporation specializes in software-based solutions for the repurposing of digital video, optimized for distribution, device and content. Please note that we can only support the installation of the Ligos Indeo Codecs package itself, and the playback of Indeo encoded media through players like Windows Media Player. You are entitled and encouraged to make a back up copy for your own personal use if, for instance, you ever have to re-install your OS. Unfortunately, Ligos is unable to provide a solution to users having issues with this change.

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We cannot provide support for or answer questions regarding third party products. I went there and found nothing free that would help me.

Retrieved from ” https: Questions and comments should be directed to Microsoft through one of their support channels. If you have been referred to this page by a pop-up message or a third-party provider for another hardware or software productand are not certain that you require Indeo to make your product work, please contact the original manufacturer. Archived from the original on Make certain that you provide us with an accurate e-mail address.


Ligos Corporation, founded vireois a privately held, venture-funded company headquartered in Savannah, Georgia.

Products Ligos Mosaic is an extremely cost-effective, headend-based enhancement to the existing Interactive Program Guide that enables multichannel operators to provide video-rich, next-generation guide channels, even on an install-base of legacy STBs and more.

Windows XP Vista SP2 and Windows 7 — As of MayLigos noticed indications that Microsoft had begun including versions of Indeo in these operating systems and associated updates, as is their plxyback.

Indeo Video Playback Codec

This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat During the development of what became the P5 Pentium microprocessor, the Intel Architecture Labs implemented one of the first, and at the time highest-quality, software-only video codecs, which was marketed as “Indeo Video”. My password does not work anymore. I have just found a link where u can download this im not sure if it will work but fingers crossed feel free to give it a go!

The codecs video versions 4 and 5, and audio codec version 2. The Microsoft Windows implementation of the Indei codec contains olayback security vulnerabilities and one should not play Indeo videos from untrusted sources.

You are entitled and encouraged to make a back up copy for your own personal use if, for instance, you ever have to re-install your OS. As a result, Ligos Indeo Software Codecs are not usable with these operating systems. Windows Media Player will only play Indeo files if they are local on your hard drive.

Indeo® Video 5 Technical Overview

You may not need to, playbqck we do not offer Indeo for free and no trial or demo version is available. The Indeo Codecs include Indeo Video version 5. Please note, Indeo Codecs for Windows is provided as downloadable software. Do I get a hard copy on CD with my purchase? Indeo Video Playback The program you are trying to run requires a current Indeo codec. For more information, click details.


Indeo still saw some use in video game cutscene videos. News and Product Announcements available via Googlebot visited this page Saturday, December 29, If you have one of these OSes, you should not purchase Ligos Indeo Software Codecs as they will not install, and we are unable to provide refunds for this issue.

There are no plans for an OS X version of the Indeo codecs.

Indeo – Wikipedia

Archived copy as title. Please see the section on Sales Policies for additional information and to get assistance. Indeo has been included in many Windows and Macintosh operating systems, and is currently installed on over 50 million PC and Macintosh desktops. Iindeo choose the approriate option on the PayPal page when checking out. Views Read Edit View history. For a long period of vieo, they were not available at all.

Free versions of Indeo are no longer available from Ligos.