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I just installed Windows, and the device also isn’t working there. The script can be downloaded at http: If a system based on the , , or controller is connected to a hub, the Activity LED will blink for all network traffic present on the hub. Select the proper version below for download and installation instructions. To learn the proper way to configure a network device for your system, refer to your distribution documentation. Multiqueue is off by default. Jumbo Frames support is enabled by changing the MTU to a value larger than the default of

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If during this process you are asked for the driver or module name, the name for the Linux Base Driver for the Gigabit family of adapters is e The negative side is when using the default emulated adapters extra work is needed for every frame being sent or received e10e the guest operating system which could be many thousands each second. This can be an issue on Linux distributions that timeout when checking for link prior to acquiring a DHCP address; however there is usually a way to work around this e.

This option can be overridden e10e0 1 if there are not sufficient interrupts available. The default value for each parameter is generally the recommended setting, unless otherwise noted.

Configuring a network driver to load properly when the system is started is distribution dependent. So far without luck! Dynamic interrupt throttling is only applicable to adapters operating in MSI or Legacy interrupt mode, using a single receive queue.


I am booting in UEFI mode.

MSI-X is required for multiple queue support, and some ihtel and combinations of kernel. EE — emulates a newer real network adapter, the 1 Gbit Inteland is available for Windows and later. Verify that the interface works.

The NVM checksum is not valid. This value specifies the number of receive buffer descriptors allocated by the driver.

VMXNET3 vs E1000E and E1000 – part 1

In dynamic conservative mode, the InterruptThrottleRate value is set to for traffic that falls in class “Bulk traffic”. You can use the insmod command for 2.

A whitepaper containing information on how to best configure your platform is available on the Intel website. If traffic falls in the “Low latency” or “Lowest latency” class, the InterruptThrottleRate is increased stepwise to First identify your adapter. If the driver load fails to enable a specific interrupt mode, the driver will try intell interrupt modes, from least to most compatible. Inhel the ee driver using the instructions in the ee section.

For other Linux distributions, download and install ethtool from the following website: If the traffic is mostly transmit or mostly receive, the interrupt rate could be as high as When a malicious driver attempts to send a spoofed packet, it is dropped by the hardware and not transmitted.

When a spoofed packet is detected the PF intle will send the following message to the system log displayed by the “dmesg” command:.


I just installed Windows, and the device also isn’t working there. For questions related to hardware requirements, see the documentation supplied with your Intel Gigabit adapter.

VMXNET3 vs EE and E – part 1 – Rickard Nobel

This I have to repeat at every kernel update, since kernel updates still 3. To solve this issue, create the version. If you currently have the e driver installed and need to install ee, perform the following: Degradation in throughput performance may be observed in some Jumbo frames environments.

This value is the number of transmit descriptors allocated by the driver. WoL will be enabled on the system during the next shut down or reboot. Is there a BIOS update available for your system?

Linux* Base Driver for Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections

The range of to interrupts per second works on a majority of systems and is a good starting point, but the optimal value will be platform-specific. Setting InterruptThrottleRate to a value greater or equal to will program the adapter to send out a maximum of that many interrupts per second, itel if more packets have come in. When I tried to install this driver, I got the following error message even though I run kernel version 3.