Good staff, closely knit. Good management and good employees. Good place to work. Though it is pretty laid back work if you don’t mind not working much. I loved every second of working with everyone and gained a lot of new friends. Less than part time!

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This job should not be stressful in any way. Though it is pretty laid back work if you don’t mind not working much. A typical day was driving enginfering car on a specific route and writing a report about the vehicle performance. From management to all of the engijeering it made my experience in California my most memorable of all.

Sleep deprivation not only causes strokes, and heart attacks, but premature aging, and diseases like diabetes, MS, and more due to use of stimulants to force performance.

Less than part time! Less than part time! WE were told you would have a week off with no work because the manufacturer would pull the car. Wasn’t told going in that it ejgineering not last very long, however, I would absolutely go back to work for them if the opportunity came up again.


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Never knew when they would send you home due to no work. If you are driving truck they may break down quite a bit and only work two or less out of your scheduled days, if your lucky. Kett Engineering is a good place to work. Pretty good work-life balance.

I believe that second and third shift are pretty good, but first shift A is awful. You get to travel with this company. I will always remember this job as the job I had the most fun with!

All in all a great place to work. Fun Job, But No Guarantees.

Kett Engineering Employee Reviews

I love working for Kett Engineering because you get to travel and see new and different cities as well as test drive brand new prototype vehicles. This is enginesring fun work place, but you may be laid off. Showing all 71 reviews.

Our community is ready to answer. They call you only when they need you about hours before shift.

Automotive Testing Services and Vehicle Test Support

Great place for a job. They taught you everything you needed to know. I have learned about safe speeds, pedestrian safety and more during regular safety meetings.


This is a good company for if you need a job.

Kett Engineering Employee Reviews for Driver

First shift B, not A. Claimed Profile Review this company.

First shift B, not A. The culture is relaxed and easy-going and the people I worked with were friendly and fun. Great for those who are retired. I gained a lot of tst work experience and was able to challenge myself.

There is generous time off depending on the customer location.

The hours aren’t guaranteed despite the fact that they’re almost continually advertising for more ‘Test Drivers’, most of the Drivers only get an average of days work per week, so I don’t foresee getting MORE hours.