It also had a color LCD for picture review. It came with 4 megabyte of internal flash memory storage and did not have any capabilities for using external memory. Canon EOS 80D The playback feature of taken images was also very convenient, it allowed you to check images on the spot, delete them or let you watch four images in one window. The DC20 only had the most basic features of a digital camera: More items related to this product. It is powered by two CRA battery.

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Kodak DC25 Digital Camera

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Kodak M Digital Cameras. An optional external AC adapter could also be used, supplying VDC via a coaxial power plug, for transferring pictures to a computer or for fixed use indoors. So you can get started pronto!

Kodak DC25 Digital Camera | KODAK DC25 Digital Camera Specif… | Flickr

Some were branded as “Digital Science”. Image Technical Services Vroegh v. It also had a color LCD for picture review.

Korak LCD will automatically turn off after 60 seconds to conserve power. Retrieved from ” https: Flash modes include auto, fill and off modes. Personal tools Log in.


Photos can be displayed in single or quad mode. Ordinary alkaline or carbon-zinc primary kodxk could be used for daylight photography fc25 during storage to keep the camera’s okdak clock running and preserve settings, but they had excessive internal resistance and insufficient current capacity to power the camera when the photo flash was in use. It came with only 1 megabyte of internal flash memory, which could only store 8 or 16 images, depending on image quality, and did not support external flash memory.

The camera will automatically turn off if inactive for 90 seconds. Save on Digital Cameras Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. It was announced onright in time for the Photokina coincedence? It did not support the JPEG image file format, storing images in Kodak’s proprietary K25 file format instead, as the JPEG image standard was very new and still under development at the time the camera was being designed. The DC25 breadboards were really made by Kodak now.

Kodka D D The Kodak DC20 was an early digital camera released by Kodak in There is a brightness knob on the base of the camera. Flickr image Digital Kodak The strobe also featured a korak mode so one could take pictures in dark environments.

When you want to see your photos, simply plug the camera into your Macintosh or Windows PC-compatible Computer, and let the software do the rest. The camera not only had an optical viewinder, built-in flash but also an LCD screen, everything the DC20 was lacking.


Photos can be selected and individually erased. The DC25 is a early digital camera released by Kodak in The software that came with the camera gave you plenty of possibilities for your pictures e. There is a colour LCD display used for displaying photos. On the downside there was the brick-like design that was not too appealing, the use of the more expensive and not-so-easy to get 3V CR batteries, no video output and of course the proprietary Kodak file format.

Kodak DC25 (1996)

Retrieved from ” http: There were several add-on lenses released for the Kodak Kodakk It features a fixed focus lens which has a range of 0. Press the up or down buttons to browse the photos. Its CCD sensor had a maximum resolution of x pixels.