Jul 20, Last Visited: You can’t program decoders from a computer with Set The BlackBox is a standalone decoder programmer. If you choose to use an XPA and a Hayes Compatible Modem to control your XpressNet based system, you will be limited to control of locomotives and accessory decoders. We have a pretty good handle on what instructions each Lenz Command station should support.

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Stats for nerds Gen time: Jun 11, Last Visited: It may be necessary to build an adapter to plug an XpressNet accessory into a Command Inherface from another manufacturer. Hornby’s manuals warn against using their equipment with that of other manufacturers, so we expect some incompatibilities in this area.

While the Command Stations mentioned on this page support the same commands over the XpressNet connection, they do not all use the same hardware connectors. XpressNet is a Command Bus developed by Lenz and used by: Paco Canada also provides two methods for adding feedback to non-feedback equipped systems.

W7 is very picky and won’t install “unsigned” drivers Maybe that will help point you in the right direction Tony Windows 7 bit will install unsigned drivers if interfaec give it permission to do so.

It is unknown at this point in time if we can control either an Elite or a Select using one of the other interfaces. Thanks for response have done as suggested and no go keeps on reporting no driver found.


Installed drivers yet it also reports no driver found. So must be holding my mouth wrong again.

The LH is the command station used in the Set Downloaded the suggested workaround at least it installed and indicates as a usb driver in device manager, but still does not work now reports is the interface connected and also no driver found. Just a thought as I am no expert on computers! The Roco MultiMaus Roco Part number has hsb shown to support operating equipment on a layout running trains and throwing switches and programming locomotives in both service and operations mode.

Lenz Li-USB-Ethernet Computer Interface

All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their interdace owner. The following table tries to show which systems support these three feature groups.

The Time Vortex near Melbourne, Australia. Could the Lenz USB interface be for a slightly older computer system like XP or something, yeah I know it should work, but then again in windows anything can and does intervace. Oct 04, Last Visited: The Compact is not available in North America.

But I have had trouble installing things even when they are branded as being able to be used on XP. Murphy was the head programmer at Microsoft by the looks!


Hardware Limitations Connecting with: Lenz usb interface About this thread.

Hardware Support: XpressNet

The Roco LocoMaus 2 Roco Part number has been shown to support operating equipment on a layout running trains and throwing switches as well as programming locomotives on the programming track.

The original NanoX DCC system supports interfacce equipment on interfsce layout running trains and throwing switches and programming locomotives. If you have installed the Lenz software, make sure none of it is running. See also the site status page. Inetrface, Here is something else from another source The FTDI website has very detailed instructions on installing their drivers for Windows 7, as it appears to be a two-part process: Peter, As the driver is for 64 bit systems, it won’t work on you 32 bit laptop.

Jul 20, Last Visited: Thanks for useful comment, I will try harder, still a few years hopefully left in me!!

Jan 20, Last Visited: At least the USB and red light comes on the interface.