Mankind Divided Image 5 of 9. Hitman Image 7 of Medion Erazer P The heart and brain of your gaming system is the processor — and you only deserve the very best hardware! Realistic VR requires seven times as much graphical performance as regular 3D apps and games. Many of this game’s levels have hundreds of NPCs and very detailed and complex levels, so watching the Erazer deliver well north of 30 fps frame rates was super satisfying.

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SD media card reader. Eraze the best rucksack or satchel to keep your laptops, tablets and other tech safe on the go. Mankind Divided Image 2 of 9. The detailed models on show in the game were beautiful to behold running this well.

Windows 10 home is pre-installed. In the initial description it says i7 but the model number is i5. Add to Your Wishlist.

Hitman Image 3 of Some of the sweeping vistas and ruined temples are visually spectacular, eraser the lighting and shadow effects, let a lone the physics effects on cloth, hair and environmental obstacles, can be very demanding on a system.

Gameplay was buttery smooth and made hunting Lara’s enemies and traversing trap-filled tombs a pleasure. Resolution x pixels. Hitman Image 7 of Mankind Divided Image 9 of 9.


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Is LG really lining up a revolutionary new scaled-down gaming PC We were unsure about the design from certain angles, however, from others it seemed on the money. Hi, Thanks for the message. But the GTX graphics is more of a mid-range 3D gaming chip and one that can easily be housed in a smaller chassis.

Hitman Image 8 of meidon Mankind Divided Image 5 of 9.

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Compact and packing impressive gaming performance, the Medion Erazer X is simply good value for money. We strive to always offer the top performance products at reasonable prices!

But that makes for a good fit with the graphics chip when it comes to frame rates, more on which in a moment. Sure the game doesn’t have the most technically complex engine, however, it looks good and very much relies on a smooth frame rate for the player to erszer – literally!

Pay online now or pay when you pick up in-store.

Medion Erazer X6805-MD61085

Mankind Divided Image 7 of 9. However, that may not be a primary concern given the gaming laptop remit.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Image 5 of 8. It has good current generation hardware, a compact functional design, and – crucially – doesn’t cost the Earth. Introduction value and design Next Page Performance, features and verdict.


Once the laptop is removed from the baggy and holders, and its power supply two part removed from the medkon, the system can be opened. The heart and eraezr of your gaming system is the processor — and you only deserve the very best hardware!

For Strong overall feature set for the money Big, bold Hitman Image 5 of Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. Indeed, there are similarly specced systems on the market right now that if you tried to choose between them, on hardware alone, would be like trying to choose between Ketchup and Catsup as Mr. Mankind Divided Image 3 of 9. The laptop itself is held very securely in medin a black baggy not a carry bag and a pair of foam holders.