Dead or alive 2 slot free play


dead or alive 2 slot free play

NetEnt slots list in free play slot machine games no download No deposit free spins RTP, payout, jackpot reviews Best in UK, Australia, USA Mobile. random coin feature, fist slam feature, free spins feature, free spins coin bonus feature); Dead or Alive 2 (5-reel, 3-row layout, Old Saloon feature, Train Heist feature); Wing of Riches (5. Yeah! I'm gonna rock you!Tina in Dead or Alive 5 Tina Armstrong is a pro wrestler from the Dead or Alive series, who made her first appearance in the original Dead or Alive. She is the daughter of Bass Armstrong, the greatest wrestler who ever lived. Tina enters the tournaments to get discovered, with a goal of becoming famous in Hollywood. However the path of fame isn't . Dead or Alive 5 (abbreviated to DOA5) is a fighting video game developed by Team Ninja and published by Tecmo Koei for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox It is the fifth main entry in the Dead or Alive fighting series and the first to have a multi-platform release since Dead or Alive 2 as well as the series' first installment that was released for the PlayStation 3.

Slot machines are arguably the most popular due to their abundance. Tina Armstrong. Higher risk means low free spins value while lower risk means higher free spins value. Especially for those who please click for source not yet so well-versed in the areas of slots and gambling, playing free slot games is a great place to start. At the tournament, Hitomi defeats Dead or alive 2 slot free play in the quarterfinals and Eliot in the semifinals. He then offered a proposal to her that she participate in the Venus Festival of beauty and strength. What links here Related changes Upload file Pino casino erfahrungen pages Permanent source Page information Cite this page Wikidata item.

Soon, the platform mysteriously comes under helicopter attack, but Dead or alive 2 slot free play and Bass succeed in putting down the fire. White Rabbit, Wolfpack Pays, Deadmau5, and other popular free slots no downloads this season include:. Play Demo Elvis. Play for free Buffalo. Indeed at the tournament she meets Eliot again at the quarterfinals and this time she defeats him, advancing to the semifinals. Helena promises her help and arranges a meeting between Hayate and Kasumi, who insists that the pursuit of Alpha is only her fight, rejecting Hayate's offer to aid her. Diamond Dogs PLAY FREE. At Casino. After the fight, Tina confronts her father. Like in the other games in the series, fights in Dead or Alive 5 are based on an interruption triangle system in which strikes normal attacks beat dead or alive 2 slot free play, throws beat holds strike interception attacksand holds beat strikes, all of such counterattacks causing extra damage.

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When you sign up, you get 50 free spins and a bonus up to Euro. The instruction manual dead or alive 2 slot free play the differing reasons for why each girl has come to the island, while cut-scenes further flesh out the plot details. But, which category is best for you? ScrewAttack's Top Play Demo Booty Bay. Wanted Dead or a Wild is awash with the iconography of the American Wild West. NetEnt’s Dead Or Alive slot set the benchmark for games in this area. It remains to be seen click Hacksaw can just click for source it.

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Wanted Dead or a Wild has a five-reel, five-column grid with 15 fixed paylines. The minimum bet size is and the maximum is There are NetEnt slots list in free play slot machine games no download No deposit free spins RTP, payout, jackpot reviews Best in UK, Australia, USA Mobile. random coin feature, fist slam feature, free spins feature, free spins coin bonus feature); Dead or Alive 2 (5-reel, dead or alive 2 slot free play layout, Old Saloon feature, Train Heist feature); Wing of Riches (5. Over 9, FREE Online Slots Games to play () - Play free slot machines from the top providers. Play Instantly, No Download or Registration required!

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By the age of eighteen, she had earned a black belt.

Similar to the original, players must have a partner in order to compete in a two-on-two 7-point volleyball match. At the tournament, Hitomi defeats Mila in dead or alive 2 slot free play quarterfinals and Eliot in the semifinals. Then, set your bet per line and the number of paylines you choose to play. Niche Gamer. Hitomi asks if she is entering the fifth tournament, to which Ayane says she is not, while chastising her choice of clothing for training. See also: List of Dead or Alive characters. dead or alive 2 slot free playHttp:// was voiced with a slight Southern accent.

Despite losing the fight, Hitomi is impressed by his skills. Play for free Forgotten Fable. Best Online Casinos to Play for Real Money dead or alive 2 slot free play In Dead or Alive 4link have a fierce battle over cabbage, but they become closer after the tournament is over.

During their vacation in Dead or Alive Extreme 2it is shown how much closer they are becoming as Hitomi allows Leifang to hand feed her strawberries, Leifang allows Hitomi to take glamor shots of her, and the two girls sit together in a tree eating ice cream. By the events of Dead or Alive 5they have become close friends, as well as martial arts rivals. They train together, and later spy on Jann Lee as he is initially rejecting Zack's tournament invitation. Read more have another battle for the sake of this web page for the tournament.

After the battle is over, they wish each other good luck in their training and go their separate ways. Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation also revealed that, aside from their rivalry regarding fighting, they also had a rivalry regarding cuisines, which is implied to have been jumpstarted when the Owner was forced to give a draw regarding a rivalry festival on their cooking skills. Their rivalry came to a head when trying to decide the menu arrangements for the then-upcoming first anniversary of the Venus Island's opening, where Hitomi and Leifang argued about which specific menu choices should be served wanting Western-style meals and Chinese food to be served, respectivelybefore ultimately coming to a compromise by serving both meals as well as Japanese food after Momiji attempted to dead or alive 2 slot free play with them.

According to the trivia entries of Dead or Alive 6Leifang and Hitomi are "sworn allies" or best of friends, and even made valentine's day chocolates for their mutual loved ones who are implied to be Jann Lee and Hayate, respectively. In the third Dead or Alive Tournament, Hitomi meets Jann Lee early on, agreeing that true power comes from within one's self, despite their different martial arts, but gain a certain mutual respect. They later meet again at Freedom Survivor where Hitomi is angered by Jann Lee's harshly attacking Lei Fang, only to increase animosity between the girls. They meet again in Dead or Alive 4where Jann saves Hitomi from an enraged T-Rex, to her disdain.

They seem to respect each others training in the martial arts, seeing one another as a worthy challenge. They met each other in Finals during the 5th Dead or Alive Tournament in which she lost, becoming runner-up. Their relationship is complicated. Hitomi possibly holds Ayane at a higher esteem, acknowledging their martial arts skills are equal and that Ayane is Hayate's younger sister. The complication lies more in Ayane's perspective, however Ayane is seen slowly warming up to Hitomi due to Hayate's fondness of her. Hitomi bows thanking Dead or alive 2 slot free play for the fight. Ayane's denial in accepting Dead or alive 2 slot free play as her fighting equal. When Hitomi asks her if she's Kasumi, the ninja is angered by Hitomi's mistaking of her for a sibling whom she is in "bad blood" with and fights her.

After the fight, Ayane is surprised that Dead or alive 2 slot free play karate is equal to her ninjutsu. In Dead or Alive 5Ayane recognizes her in the wild. Hitomi claims to be practicing, but Ayane ponders and then chastises her choice of clothing for training before the two fight. In Dead or Alive 5 Ultimatethey have gained a complicated unity. They now share an opening and winning sequence in their tag battles based on their meeting during the story. Their interactions clearly point out Ayane's denial in accepting Hitomi as her fighting equal, but nonetheless, they co-operate in battle. Hitomi, in spite of her honesty, seems to appear victim to Ayane's cynical attitude: in their opening sequence, Hitomi asks if she is training for the tournament, to which Ayane remarks "Don't make me laugh", although this does not faze Hitomi in the least.

dead or alive 2 slot free play

In the winning sequence, Hitomi bows and thanks her click the fight, at which Ayane remarks that she has to fight better than that, which lsot seem to faze Hitomi either. Ayane's remark is possibly based on Hitomi becoming runner up in the tournament and some denial in accepting her as equal in fighting ability. In Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus VacationAyane and Hitomi largely got along, with Ayane even asking the latter for advice regarding how to deal with a newcomer. Hitomi and Eliot met each other in the fifth Dead Or Alive Tournament, although Eliot's comment saying, "It's been a while", suggests they met before in the previous tournament. They met up in the circus under construction, while traveling with Brad. Leifang says they were looking for a practice match, and Hitomi teasingly roars at an embarrassed Eliot, telling him not to go easy on them just because they are girls.

He nervously says he wouldn't, with an amused Brad smiling as they spar in a tag match. Hitomi could've been flirting with Eliot, or simply just playing dead or alive 2 slot free play ftee him, given her bubbly nature.

dead or alive 2 slot free play

During the dead or alive 2 slot free play tournament, the two face each other, with Hitomi coming out as the victor. Hitomi and Tina casino no codes liberty deposit bonus briefly acquainted with each other during the 3rd Dead or Alive Tournament. They seemed to get along pretty well, as evidenced by the casual nature of their conversation where Tina relayed to Hitomi her personal motto of success always breeds success, and explained she entered the tournament to become an actress, with Hitomi expressing disbelief. In Dead russian poker Alive Xtreme 3, the two met each other and can be partners in the game.

In Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus VacationHitomi seems to get along well with Momiji, with dead or alive 2 slot free play being implied that they act as training partners. Momiji also helps with cooking, although it's implied that Momiji's slightly inferior to Hitomi in regards to the skill. Momiji also had to quell an argument between Hitomi and Leifang regarding what to serve as the meal for the first anniversary of the Venus Islands' opening as they wanted Western-style meals and Chinese food to be served, respectivelyultimately reaching a compromise by suggesting they serve both as well as Japanese food the latter being Momiji's own preferred food option. Hitomi met Tsukushi after the former finished some training exercises, and also made small talk where she learned of Tsukushi's plans of being an aspiring Click here, and eventually learned that she also had asked Helena to act as a model, before volunteering to act as a model in turn.

Koharu met Hitomi as well as Leifang in person shortly after the latter not betzest welcome bonus rather did three laps around the island. However, she already knew their names and faces by that time by having studied up on them, citing that as being an important skillset for acting as a landlady of an inn someday. Hitomi also related somewhat towards her desire to train in innkeeping, due to her constantly training her Karate skills even during vacations. She also offered to have Koharu train alongside her, although she refused, mostly because dead or alive 2 slot free play job didn't allow for that kind of training.

She also watched with some amusement Hitomi and Leifang get into an argument over cooking, glad to gain some "older sisters. Amy met Hitomi after her initial failed introduction with Tsukushi. After explaining her current assignment, Hitomi proceeded to help her with her task of researching island attractions, largely due to her experience in exploring the island as part of training for Karate. She eventually convinced them to dead or alive 2 slot free play via a hike. Eventually, they went to a restaurant on a cliffside afterward, with Amy hoping they'd work together again on a more free schedule. Hitomi can be considered the successor to Ein, in terms of fighting technique and statistics. However, Hitomi is slightly faster, compared to Ein's strikes being somewhat more powerful.

Hitomi's fighting style relies on quick, medium-damage strikes and a good mix up game, making her well-suited sportsbook betting uk an aggressive, offensive play style. She also has throws useful for both punishing blocking foes and resetting the tempo in her favor. Her recovery time frame is also excellent, and her holds and parries make her defensively quite balanced as well, as she has both expert holds to deal heavy damage upon good reads and her parries can help eliminate pressure as they shut down high and mid punches and have follow up attacks as well, which can scare faster opponents into using slower kick attacks instead.

As a well-balanced character with simple commands she's very easy to use and well-suited to beginners. Her tell-tale "wind-up" shared with Ein, however, is a popular weakness for her. Her "interruption attacks", however such as the Tsubauchiare competent in keeping the opponent off-guard, as well as making Hitomi preferable for aggressive players. While solid, Hitomi does lack in terms of evasion as she has very few crouching lows and her standing lows, while plentiful and used as a mix up from a lot of her strings, are learn more here easy to react to, and easy to jab interrupt. Her speed is also more info applied to her punches as her kicks tend to be average or below average in speed and execution, and like Ein she's better suited at about mid range but only when dealing with quicker foes up close, but her reset throws and her parries can easily help help her at close range.

Dead or Alive 6 keeps her mostly unchanged, but she's given a few new string enders like her thrice hitting mid to high jab from her high kick, adding more offensive edge to her move set. She's also gained a couple of Ein's moves from Last Round too, making her better suited for playing more defensively and ranged when needed. However, this is subtle, and the two are still able to partner with each other fairly easily. Either way, Hitomi is willing to partner with anyone, and vice versa, as no one has any notable qualms against her. In beach volleyballHitomi lacks speed, has little technique, and is not very good at jumping. On the other hand, she has good dead or alive 2 slot free play and is very powerful, dead or alive 2 slot free play Tina.

Her spikes, or sometimes even normal hits, can knock an opponent down. Her counters are impressive, and her excellent recovery time combined with quick strikes can quickly incapacitate an opponent. She would make a good team with one of the weaker, faster girls playing defense for her, such as Leifang, Ayaneor Kasumi. If the player wants a very powerful team, having Hitomi and Tina together would be ideal to continuously knock down the opponent. However, neither of them are very fast, so it might be a bit hard for them to catch a ball in time.

Playable Character

The following are Hitomi's official stats as listed in the manuals for pkay Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and Xtreme 2. Hitomi is an unlockable character in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimatein which she can be used in every gameplay mode except Story Mode. To unlock her:. The player must have either a Dead xlive Alive 3 or Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball save file, then complete Story Dead or alive 2 slot free play with Ein on normal difficulty. Hitomi played by Hung Lin is also featured in the movie, DOA: Dead or Alive. Though not explicitly stated, the scoreboard after four fights shows that Hitomi has been knocked out of the tournament; the other three losers are explicitly shown as Jann Lee, Brad Wong and Eliotclick to see more Hitomi the yellow-clothed male who Helena Douglas defeated. However, later on you can also see a female fighter in the lobby that appears to be a brunette headed girl with a pink headband and a jean jacket, which is Hitomi's primary costume in the games.

Aside from the cameo, Hitomi's sweet and bubbly personality was given to Helena's character in the film. From April 1st to April 30th,to celebrate the release of Dead or Alive ParadiseHitomi was featured as a placard girl on Bijin Tokei ; an iPhone digital clock this web page. She appeared at random times at least 10 times throughout the day, holding dead or alive 2 slot free play placard with the current time written upon it. Similar to the original, the game features a casino which players can visit during the evenings. Once there, one can partake in several games, including pokerblackjackroulette and a aalive of slot machines themed after each woman.

There are also three hotels for the women to stay.

dead or alive 2 slot free play

In addition, regarding the slot machines, getting all lucky sevens in Christie's Slot Machine will unlock a clip with the winning character undergoing a pole-dance routine in the selected attire. The background story to the game is that Zack has resurrected "Zack Island" from the depths of the sea, where it was buried following a previous volcanic eruption. He has re-dubbed it "New Zack Island". The instruction manual details the differing reasons for why each girl has come to the island, while cut-scenes further flesh out the plot details. Developed exclusively for the Xboxthe title runs on a heavily modified version of the engine used in Dead or Alive 4[3] allowing for new inclusions such as self-shadowing and new cloth simulation techniques. As well as the gameplay tweaks as compared to the originalvarious cosmetic modifications were made.

For example, the female characters' individual breasts now have their own "physics". Additionally, the game adds a new "tan line system" in which swimsuits realistically block tanning; changing swimsuits frequently will prevent tan lines from appearing. Instead of relying on a single game mode, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 contains a number of different sub-games. Starting with an initial pool of 42 different mini-game ideas, only a total of seven games counting beach volleyball actually made the final cut. He indicated dead or alive 2 slot free play he felt that this would come off as vulgar and "show the women in a negative light".

The English localization was overseen by Team Ninja member Andrew Szymanski, in collaboration with AltJapan Co. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 received generally lower review scores than its predecessor. TeamXbox 's Dale Nardozzi stressed that while Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 has impressive graphics, multiple activities and nice artistry, the game is dead or alive 2 slot free play not fun to play. A review by Hilary Goldstein of IGN shared similar opinions, suggesting that the added mini-games, including the Butt Battle and Tug-of-War are based highly on luck, relying on an arbitrary button press to counteract what one thinks one's opponent is going to do next. Changes to the volleyball portion, still the main attraction of the game, have apparently made it significantly more difficult. Lastly, certain reviews criticized the new breast physics, causing them to bounce independently when running or moving and continue to jiggle or swing even when the character is still, resulting in awkward sequences.

ScrewAttack included it on their list of top ten "games that make you want to bone". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's lead section may be too short to adequately summarize the key points. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. March NA : November 13, JP : November 22, EU : December 8, Archived from the original on Retrieved CBS Interactive. Electronic Gaming Monthly : This catches the attention of Bass who has also retired from wrestling and now works with Rig on a DOATEC offshore oil plant causing him to enter the tournament under the guise of "Mr. At the tournament, Tina faces of woo casino promo codes Bass in the quarterfinals. She easily sees through his disguise and is a bit embarrassed. In the end, Tina loses the fight, but she convinces Bass to join her in a father-daughter team.

She even announces that she plans on running for state governor, much to Bass's dismay. Tina continued to act as a mentor for Mila. She also had Lisa and Mila spar with each other to see if the former had fully recovered from earlier events. She also relayed to Zack her intentions if she were to become governor while training with lotto spielen italien, and after a sparring match, was shocked to learn from Zack that she couldn't actually run anyway since she was too poker video slots. She later encountered Honoka while doing a wrestling match with her dad, also noticing Honoka's eagerness to fight and offering her a free round.

Although Tina bested Honoka, she nevertheless offered a rematch in the future, which Honoka eagerly accepted. She and Bass later had an exhibition match against Helena regarding a sponsor, with Helena unveiling Rig as their sponsor once she was beaten. She eventually fought against Eliot during the tournament proper. Tina, wanting a break from her stardom as a rockstar, actress, and model, and possibly also to get away from her overbearing father due to a fight over how to market their new Muscle pro wrestling organization, went over to the Venus Islands incognito for a vacation.

She then lounged at the pool area upon arrival, and was about to formally check in only to encounter the Owner of the island, who had scouted her out earlier. After noticing him photographing her, she then signed her name to a form, believing he wanted an autograph and even allowed him to take pictures, although he then admitted he wasn't a fan of hers and, if anything, outside of scouting her out, he never even heard of her before. He then offered a proposal to her that she participate in the Venus Festival of beauty and strength. Tina accepted, anticipating that would help her stardom significantly.

Tina how she originally looked in Dead or Alive 1with brunette hair and a more practical wrestling outfit. Tina has fair skin and blue eyes. Her hair color has changed since the first game; in the original Dead or Aliveshe has dark brown hair, with the exception of her sixth costume, which depicted her as a slotpark bonus code cheat, but since Dead or Alive 2she's been a blonde. In an interview with Team Ninja, they said that the reason why Tina was a brunette in the original Dead or Alive was because the graphics on the Arcade version wouldn't allow it, thus being blonde in later games, starting in the Sega Saturn port. Ever since, Tina has become one of the most famous and recognizable video game blondes and icon in the gaming world known for her sex appeal and her large bust.

Her appearance and default costumes usually show her southern upbringing, cowgirl outfits and urban rockstar like casual wear with with American flag outfits showing her patriotic side and most often wearing pendant necklaces that represent that. Being a wrestler, Tina has donned various wrestling gear outfits with over reach of many eras of style from the '80s until this day, both Japanese yoshi female wrestlers and also American style females in wrestling, including her very own famous black leather bikini with metallic silver vest, tassels and boots wrestling outfit. Tina's outfits from the original Dead or Alive would soon be the inspiration for Mila 's outfits in Dead or Alive 5. In the latest installment, she has a more realistic appearance, with oval face and more proportionate features.

Her attire is the most revealing in this installment, with plunging necklines showing ample cleavage, tight bodyhugging pants, shirts and skirts, along with high-heeled and platform-heeled shoes. In some costumes, she also has her top tied in a knot at the front. Prior to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimateshe also had the largest bust size among the female cast, eventually being beaten out by Rachel in the aforementioned game, who likewise would dead or alive 2 slot free play beaten out by Honoka in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Although she currently has the third-largest bust of the female fighters, she is the only one of the top three to be a regular human, without any special powers.

In Last Round she gains a new hairstyle: blonde short pigtails. She also received brown hair in her Fairy Tail DLC that's similar to her original Dead or Alive appearance, as well as white hair in her Aquaplus DLC dead or alive 2 slot free play red hair in her Falcom R DLC. Tina is extroverted, strong-willed, and hard-headed, allegedly taking after fruit case slot father Bass in the latter traits. She also seems to take fighting seriously. Tina, adhering to the concept of the American dream, is a girl with big dreams and will do anything to achieve them, no matter who or what tries to stop her.

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Following her motto "success breeds success," Tina aims high in everything she does, especially in her career goals, and is frequently entering a new bull no deposit casino lucky to dead or alive 2 slot free play point of being unrealistic. She is a tough dreamer and hates it when people especially her strict and overprotective father tell her what she can and can't do, showing her independent outlook. However, she seems to recognize that she is gutsy and aggressive, saying that she inherited this personality trait from Bass.

She is also implied to be a cowgirl who was born and raised in Texas possibly in the countryside. On the other hand, Tina does have a kind and soft side as shown in Dead or Alive 5 when she tells Mila that pretty girls shouldn't fight or helps by sparring spielen slot spiele kostenlos long after they meet. She also indicated that she cared about the well being of children, which acted as another reason for her deciding to run for Governor although she was forced to give up on that goal when she learned from Zack that she was legally too young to run.

In addition, she also allowed Honoka a free match against her, and was genuinely impressed enough with Honoka that she even offered her an opportunity to fight again in the next tournament. She also encouraged Misaki to be more self-confident about herself, and personally told the Owner that she had confidence that Misaki would make a great Venus. On a similar note, although very much willing to ensure she benefits from whatever actions she undertakes, she is also capable of selflessness as well, as during her stay on the Venus Islands, she insisted that the events of the festival were meant to be "everyone's story" rather dead or alive 2 slot free play just her own. Tina, at least while in the ring, also has great confidence in her sex appeal, which she exhibits through her outgoing personality; some of her winning poses and sayings seem to be more sexually suggestive than those of the other female characters.

Her confidence as such was significant enough that, when doing an interview for the Venus Festival, she willingly provided her measurements, even going as far as to claim she "lets it all hang out and is proud of it. She is very confident in her abilities - including her skills in wrestling, glamour modeling, acting and music. The name "Tina" is a short form of "Christina" and, less commonly, of other female names ending in - tina. Christina is a form of "Christiana," the Latin feminine form of "Christin," meaning "a Christian. This could link to Tina's controlling relationship with her own father.

Her surname "Armstrong" is of Scottish origin, and meanings "strong in the arm"; a perfect fit for a family of pro-wrestlers. Bass is Tina's father and is really protective towards her, still viewing her as his little girl. Like most fathers, Bass dislikes her using her sex appeal. He doesn't hesitate to meddle in her affairs, but only out of love and tries to keep an eye on her at all times.

dead or alive 2 slot free play

This causes friction in their relationship, as Tina sees herself as her own person and wants to make her own choices. Their disagreements often lead to real fights in the ring and Tina more dead or alive 2 slot free play less wins every time. Although they hardly ever get along, the two can be close at times. Soot was also grateful for Bass raising her due to her mother dying prematurely and putting up with her. During the events of Dead or Alive 2Bass guards her from men like Deac, and he disagrees with her dreams of being something big in the entertainment world, as she wanted to become a model.

He believes that it isn't a good career for a young lady. During the events of Dead or Alive 3Bass attempt to prevent his daughter from becoming a Hollywood actress in a movie. During the events of Dead or Alive 4Tina has set her sights on a new goal; to become a rock star. Once more, her father detest the idea and sets out to stop her. During the events of Dead dead or alive 2 slot free play Alive 5Tina returns to fight in Dead or Alive tournament, much to her father's dismay knowing she is up to something.

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Bass defeats his daughter, but in her announcement, she has dead or alive 2 slot free play that she is going to run for government. Bass is overly upset, but is forced to hide it from of thousands of fans continue reading would expose him as an overly protective father. He is forced to accept the idea in front of fans viewing dead or alive 2 slot free play. It is unclear whether Bass was aware of Tina renouncing her goal to become governor by the sixth tournament or not.

In Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus VacationTina admits she recently had a falling out with Bass, which was implied to be part of the reason she left for the Venus Islands incognito. Shortly after she did a virtual date video at the Owner's suggestion, she got a call from Bass, to her shock, with it leading to yet another fight between the two, before she admitted it was tied directly to their planned pro-wresting organization, The Muscle, more specifically how to market it Bass preferring to do a live series, while Tina suggesting they do social media. Zack used to hit on Tina in a absurd way and would often ask her out, although she has never liked him in that way and refused to go out with him, taunting him about his outrageous appearance. After many click at this page, Zack finally moved on with Niki and in Dead or Alive 5 the two may have broken up.

Tina also takes enjoyment in teasing Zack; if the two of them win a tag-team fight, Tina would high-five Zack, but as he does it back, she would jump to the side and let him fall onto the ground. Despite her not particularly liking Zack in the manner he wants, she does nonetheless value him as a friend, as she personally told him what her plans would have been had she run for Governor while working out and making small talk, and even offered a sparring match with him, although she does tell Zack that he should have informed her sooner when he off-handedly mentioned that she was legally too young to run. Tina has been friends with Lisa since their school days and their friendship has remained strong right into their adult lives.

In Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and Xtreme 2they are eager to be each others partners, have friendly scenes on Zack's Island, and naturally have many music notes of fondness Such jackpot cash casino lobby have each other when conversating. Although during Dead or Alive 4 they taunt each other in the ring - with Dead or alive 2 slot free play claiming that Lisa was hiding the fact she is ugly under her mask, and Lisa calling her stupid - that was just an act for the audience, and they go on to become wrestling partners. In Dead or Alive 4they share a tag alliance of three team-ups; Two instigated by Tina and click here instigated by Lisa. In Dead or Alive 5they maintain their tag alliance, but in addition, they add personal calls where Tina will call for "Lisa" or "Mariposa" depending on Lisa's wardrobe when tagging in for her while Lisa will call for "Tina" when tagging in for her.

They also have pre-fight and winning post-fight animations. It is unclear whether Tina is aware of Lisa's former connection to MIST, although she implies that she was at least aware that Lisa may have been injured as she asks her if she was okay, and also tells Mila to help in Lisa's rehabilitation by fighting her. Stemming from a disagreement on the philosophy of martial power. Tina and Leifang have since become rivals of a sort, if not for any other reason than for their difference in opinions. Despite the rivalry, the two do seem to respect one another.

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